Since 1995, Clickprint@Rainbow has earned a reputation throughout Singapore as a reliable,and professional in the printing community. We specialize in commercial printing products such as namecards, flyers, posters, catalogs, brochures, pocket folders, pamphlets, post cards, customised letterheads/envelopes, etc. Over the last decade, Clickprint@Rainbow has promoted Web2Print services which has assisted our business partners save costs, time, and enhance a healthy worklife for their employees. Using the lattest technologies with the present of the Free Flow Web Services (FFWS) from point of time customer access the Website to place a order to Delivery, Clickprint@Rainbow offers faster turnaround with minimal human errors and lower overhead costs. This Service, Beyond the Ordinary Limits, has allowed us to provide our customers with consistently high-quality products at the lowest possible price.


Operation since 1991, our company specialized in the manufacturing of office stationery products like Binders, Files, Folders, Bags, Holders, Boxes and a wide range of packaging and promotional products We custom -made - to order and also carter to standard shelf products. As an added value, we are able to provide concept and design products for our customers. We have strong marketing and customer relations' support build through the year of trust.

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